Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How do you spell veriagated?

So, I'm knitting away on a sweet little varigated cardigan for aforementioned baby. And I am a slow knitter, I'll gladly admit that, and its not helped by the complete lack of time I seem to have, but this is turning into a black hole of yarn.

I just seems to keep going, and I measured and knitted and measured and knitted and measured, and it never seemed to reach that 16cms I needed. Finally, I got onto the raglan sleeves. And its doing the same old thing again. But, I can finish this tonight. It doesn't matter that I have plenty of train knitting time tomorrow, or plenty of coffee knitting time, or that tomorrow is my only day off before I leave, or that I have a plane trip to knit on, or that this baby doesn't come until June, or that I'm exhausted, I HAVE to finish the back tonight.

I don't need to sleep, or to worry about the fact that I'm falling asleep at my laptop, I WILL finish, I HAVE to, and to be honest I am getting wholly sick of this pastel verigated colour, and starting to seriously wonder whether pink patches make it inappropriate for a possible boy baby, but after all the work and prac and packing, I think I'm allowed a little insanity.

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