Thursday, 27 October 2011


Alas, a terrible fate has befallen my first pair of socks. I didn't mention this plan, but initially started trying to do a pair of Bellatrix socks. They were going to be all ready for uni next year, and when I run away from home to go to the harry potter exhibition in Sydney. However, they have been frogged. I'm thinking my plan of knitting them in 8ply (DK) yarn was not going to end well, but I was in blissful denial. They sort of worked for a bit, but then I got a bit depressed mid train ride, and realised that the lace runs pattern just wasn't going to work out. So, they're not just going to be a pair of standard socks. Admittedly, they will be knee high and in a verigated pink, but still.

Being in a rather warm country, its a little hard to do christmas knitting, because everyone's heads will be too warm for hats. But I will try. My baby blanket is having a bit of a nap, because its not very easy to carry around with me, so is somewhat missing out, due to the severe time restraint of having a life (I lie, its only because of exams. I don't really have a life...) But, I have finished the back and started on the sleave of my jumper, which is a rather fast knit, due to being in drop stitch and a HUGE gauge.

This means, that if I hadn't had a freak out about the fact that she's one of those annoyingly skinny, tall people, it would've been finished considerably earlier, hopefully in time for winter. But, no. Christmas is the new goal, me thinks. The gloves are still waiting for me to get excited about them again, but no doubt it will happen. Eventually.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Project Update

So, there has been a severe lack of blog posts for awhile. I know, you're devestated... *cough* Anyway, we can blame that on the exams. More about that later...

Right now, the issue is that of a slight disapointment. I live in Australia. Which is a hot country. And is not America or Canada. This means, I do not get sock summit. I do not get Rhinebeck. I do not get Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee's book tour. And, I generally feel a bit left out, because teenagers generally don't knit. And if they do, they're not super social or good at it. Unfortunately. So, Once I have a degree, and I know someone somewhere in le americas, I'm moving country!

Hence, I've spent a large portion of today looking up ravelry groups in Perth. Its not going too well. But, with the change of my work hours, I should be able to start attending the bi-weekly snb sessions at uni :) So, that brings us to exams. Not very fun, I must say. Trying to revise the entire Human Structure and Function course is a little boring, after 3 weeks. There has been a lot of palmcard writing, a lot of note reading, a lot of running away to have dinners with friends. And a lot of hiding from it all behind a nice knitting project. I still have about 7 on the go simultaneously.

So, we will move on to photo time.

Adam :)

The adorable recipient of my layette, in lemon yellow. A sweet little boy, only a few days old here. Because everyone loves photos of babies!

Jumper for Clare Bear

Adventure in glove making

 So, the progress on my second jumper. I have a very close friend, who I've know my whole life. She requested a jumper (admittedly, I think she was hoping it would be done at least during winter..) But, its pottering along. I find it hard, because its a little too large to carry with me as I travel the city going to work etc. However, I will get there in the end!

Now, a considerably more depressing project. I am, sadly, suffering from second glove syndrome. But, its not for lack of trying. that charming pile of orange yarn was once a quarter of an arm warmer, but due to calculus being unable to help me count, I ended up being about 10 sts short, making it much more toddler sized, rather than Mara sized. I also gave myself a strain injury to my thumb, because, unfortunately, DPNs do not seem to like me :( But, we'll get it to work eventually.

Now, a fun post :) My first attempt at entrelac, which will hopefully join some other components to make a nice blanket for an anticipated baby. So far, I don't actually have any indications that there will be a baby, but I'll pressure my cousins into it somehow...

So, on that fun note, I shall bid you farewell, as I have a super fun and exciting diagram of a nerve synapse to draw :)