Saturday, 22 February 2014


I think every crafter I know has that one pattern. That one pattern that they never seem to make, but always have. Or that one project that you always seem to be working on and there just seems to be one around the house. Well, mine are baby bear hats.
And I've gone CRAZY with these. Not to mention how many people have been requesting them...

On the left is a large size for a very large baby, made for my Dad to give to a friend of his.

And on the right, the normal newborn size that I make.

I must admit that I started with a patter from Fibre Flux, which I wasn't happy with. So, I got creative.
I cast on 48sts, worked 4 rows of single rib and started knitting in garter stitch for as long as looked about right. I decreased in the way that seemed about right, and pulled the remaining stitches into a crown.

For the ears, I cast on 6, worked 2 rows and decreased at the sides until they were about the right height and roughly 4 sts across.

In the larger size, I cast on 56, and did the same thing until it looked right. And for the ears, I cast on 10 and decreased to 6.

All in all, super simple. Super cute. And very easy!