Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tea Cozies

Good grief its been a busy 2 months. I've been on prac for 4 weeks, and I did 2 weeks in ICU (Awesome and fun and I loved it!) and then I did 2 weeks at a psychiatric hospital in a locked ward (Stressful and different and I felt out of my depth) But, I liked both of them. I learnt a lot and I feel like I've settled back into real life with bad grace. I miss the fun and busyness of prac!

My crafternoon and I are very excited, because we've just launched out Etsy shop! We're the Cyborg Goats Crafternoon Society,  and while we're currently very new, hopefully people will flock to our page as soon as some other people put up items :)

This is my first scrapbooking project, we'll see how it goes
Apparently I can't rotate images?
Obviously, a 21st is coming up
In crafting news, I've been knitting away on a few projects, as well as scrapbooking for the first time ever.
This hideous beast is Grannie's traditional tea cozy, in what is possibly the worst colour scheme I've seen in awhile. The lighting and shittiness of my camera don't do justice to the brightness of the green. Unfortunately, its a commission piece. My boyfriend's mother asked me to make it for a friend of hers, and I can't discuss the colour with her, because she jetted off to the UK the day after giving me the project. I'm watching the fabric grow, and its not getting better. I knew as soon as I started that it wasn't going to work, and I would normally have abandoned it there and struck out for more tasteful choices, but I must power through.

And this little jumper here is Diplodocus, a dear little jumper for the lovely Oscar, who's 1st birthday is just around the corner!

I'm working in Loyal, 100% Wool superwash, which I must say is making it EVEN HARDER to work on the ghastly monstrosity above.
While it is still very bright and a little hard on the eyes, it is vastly better than the tea cozy, which is strange considering that they're essentially the same colour scheme.
Who knows. Its coming along quickly, thought I may have to use a back-up present on the actual day.

His Mummy is coming back to work next week, which is very exciting for those of us who've missed her around the shop. It should also help with a bit of the grumpy thats been happening at work recently.

In other birthday news, I turn 21 on June the 8th, which is exciting and stressful all at once! The idea of having to be a responsible adult is not a happy one, but hopefully nobody will make me stop skipping and watching cartoons.

I'm having a party, which is themed NANNAGGEDDON. Can't wait! I'm sure there will be a lot of crochet, and I will definately post some photos of the final decor :)