Friday, 29 July 2011

Harry Potter Charts

So. after a friend is getting home sick because she moved away for uni, I decided to cross stitch her a Harry Potter pillow. So far, I'm struggling to find a nice chart to work with. If anyone has any ideas, it would be much appreciated. So far, my attempts to work out how to use photoshop are failing. Me thinks I'll blackmail some design students into helping me :) I found quite a nice site, ( But, I'm not so happy with the Snape one they have there. Although I am a fan of You know who, so may do that one when I get a chance. The iPod case isn't going so well, because Mara didn't do a tension square, and then couldn't be bothered finding needles more likely to be the right size. This is maybe a reason why cleaning my room would be a good plan...

I'm rather excited, because I get to hug rape the dickhead I'm going out with tomorrow (he's been in Fiji all month) However, I'm also freaking out slightly about the fact that I'm going to have to start writing an essay soon, which is very un-me. Numbers make so much more sense!!!!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011


So, I found this amazing pattern for a knitted iPod cover. I think I'm in love! I have a second generation Nano, so I'll have to adjust it somewhat (the original pattern is for a fourth generation classic). But, hopefully it will be amazing! I've had a few issues with dropping my baby, and I had a really nice plastic cover from Japan. It had an elephant on it. But, most unfortunately, it broke :( So, something else shall have to provide a safe little haven for the home of my Harry Potter audiobooks. Read by Stephen Fry, no less! I'm thinking if I get the chance (and time, after finishing all the other projects I've been commisioned to do!) I'll make an attemp at adjusting it for my phone as well. He's suffered more, due to a distinct like of leaping out of my pocket. So, if any of my huge number of readers know where to get a good, usable case for a nokia E71, I am all ears!! And I have realised that Its a little sad, writing a blog that nobody reads. It will happen someday, dear reader. Someone in the interwebs will discover me!!!

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Completed baby vest? check.
Started Uni? check.
Found all my classes & wasn't a dick? check.
Paying job? ... We'll get there!

So, yes, the vest is done!!! The neckband is more than a little retarded, but you know. I'll get better with practise :) And, whence I have them, I shall post photos of my adorable first cousin once removed Flynn modelling it. I didn't do a great job with the elephant embroidery though, its not very neat and is just generally  a tad dodgy. But, its recognisable, and its a very cute pattern, so I'm not really complaining...

In other news in Mara's life, uni is so far going well. I'm rather annoyed at the fact that the online units don't have all the assessments up yet, meaning I can't start them. This is usually not something that would annoy people, but I find it a problem because I now have nothing to do on busses, while between projects. However, a friend of my sister's (who recieved my first ever knitted item, a scarf when I was about 16) has requested a pair of grey mittens to match the scarf that he can wear while teaching. I've got a pretty easy pattern to work from, so it should be fine. I chose not to try knitting in the round just yet, that can be for later... much later...

I also went on a yarn overload at spotlight recently, so now have a box full of 100% acrylic stuff to do god knows what with :) Should be fun!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Baby stuff

So, after surviving a robbery at work, having a freak out after watching CSI, and then sleeping very badly, I'm a bit out of it.. But, I've been doing ok on the baby vest. We have a front and a back. So far, its all going pretty well. However, I've got no idea how to do the neckband... So, we'll just struggle there me thinks. I may try some booties to go with it, if I get a chance/have left over wool :)

On another note, I'm starting uni on Monday, which is a little bit terrifying. All my textbooks weigh more than I do, which is saying something. However, I don't have many classes on Monday, so should survive the carting so much stuff around. I've also been approved for extra time, which is fun. And I've started doing a bunch of my nursing modules. Some of them look pretty easy & a bit boring, others are a bit more complex. Interestingly, I'm much more worried about the units that involve talking to people, and the patient care stuff to make sure I don't insult people horribly.

I'm also rather worried, because I need to buy a uniform before I can do labs, but I can't get one for another few weeks :/ Hopefully, I won't be told that I'm not allowed to do stuff. I also need to do wayy too many forms for my clinical placement.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

knit knit knit knit knit

Well, this is all a bit new. Mostly an attempt to keep track of my work, because I keep doing silly things and forgetting what I'm working on at any one time (I end up with about 12 orders from friends at a time, especially during winter)

At present I'm doing a cute little vest for my first cousin once removed :) Six months old and a very smiley baby, he's HUGE! So, my original plan was unsuccesful. However, I shall persevere, because it means I get to try doing a neckband & embroidering an elephant :) And, elephants are cool! Its a good little pattern, and doesn't involve too much shaping, which is very handy for someone who's only really managed a few squares so far. However, I will eventually finish my blanket, which I started a few years ago. However, Its highly likely that it will be crotcheted, rather than knitted.

This month is also rather exciting, because it happens to be the start of uni! Very exciting, I know. So, as of Monday, I highly doubt that I'll get much knitting done, as I'll be too busy memorising the names of long bones in the leg, and learning how to take care of very sick people :)

I also had a hugely wonderful time last night at Harry Potter, but I shan't post any spoilers (but I think the internet is full of them anyway) YAY HARRY POTTER!!!!!