Monday, 7 October 2013

Hospital Visits

I've been a bit quiet recently. Because I've been in hospital. WOO!!

I didn't pack my camera unfortunately, so some super dodgy webcam photos are all I can provide today :( I wasn't quite sure how to demonstrate being in a hospital, so an IV pump is the way to go I think.
I've been knitting away on the little Trellis jumper, and I've only got a collar, a sleeve and half a front to go. I'm just plodding away, but I must admit that sleep has been considered a priority for me in this case.

Awhile ago I knitted this cowl, done in panda rustica that I bought about 7 balls for $5 from my local good sammy's. I cast on about 20 on some quite large needles and then just knit until it looked about right. I lent it to a friend one night about 6 months ago, and never got it back... So now I'm going to knit her one and ask kindly to get my original back... Its the same yarn that I've been using to make Baby Bear Hat. I shuffled the pattern a bit to my liking. However, I'm now running quite short on this yarn. I've done 4 little hats and the infinity scarf, so do I have enough for another infinity scarf? If not, it may be a serious struggle to find some more to match...