Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Christmas Trauma

I love Christmas. I absolutely adore Christmas. But every year, I make Christmas happen. I do gifts for my cousins and their kids and my uncles and all the family friends. I do the decorating. I do most of the cooking. And I know a lot of my family don't care about Christmas, my sister in particular thinks its a waste of money. But, to teenagers and the young kids, Christmas matters. It matters to me, and it matters to my Mother.

Its not an excuse, but I've been very busy in the lead up to it all. Add to that my unfortunate sojourn to hospital for suspected appendicitis, the end of uni, and the very very busy lead up to Christmas at work, and the blog has somewhat fallen by the wayside. But, let me entertain you with images of everything I've been doing these past few months :)

The good news is that Trellis is done, dusted, gifted and soon to be worn! It was a gift for the lovely Oscar, which will likely be his outfit for the Swiss alps, where he travels with his parents next week. After finishing Trellis, I still had a lot of yarn left. So, I designed and made a matching hat for him. When I STILL had excess yarn, there was nothing for it but a pair of booties.

I failed miserably at finishing my Dad's socks, they were never going to be dome in time. However, My mother got a CBBK, or as I believe its called Kudzu. I made it in black Cascade 220, heathers. A lovely souvenir from the UK. And my sister got the pair of Hot Gams legwarmers, in a grey acrylic I had in my stash. And the boyfriend got a pair of space invader mitts.