Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Baby Jumpers and Easter Stuffs

A wee little babby sweater is off the needles and in a package to Sweden.
Can you see just in there, those little ends poking out?

It actually did have buttons and blocking, but a photo was missed...

ALL of those ends? Everywhere? This is what I get for doing stripes. WHY did I do stripes!?

It was actually a bit of a blessing, because as it turns out with my dodgy dodgy wrists, I started developing carpal tunnel syndrome. So, I couldn't knit for a couple of days. OH MY GOD I COULDN'T KNIT FOR DAYS. DAYS!!! Luckily, I can knit again, otherwise there may have been a stabbing...

But, the weaving in ends wasn't painful and meant I had something to keep me occupied. But, it got very tiring towards the end there.

In other news, Easter is coming!! While Easter isn't usually at all exciting in my mind, and the religious significance means nothing to me, it marks my 3rd anniversary at Oxfam. I started Oxfam when I was 17, not long out of high school, as a Volunteer. I started getting paid that Christmas.

I love it there, everyone there is lovely and its a nice job that I actually enjoy doing. But, recently there have been a lot of changes. And its getting harder and harder to deal with these changes. And more and more, the fact that I'm still only 20 makes it worse. In a workplace where the next youngest is more than twice your age, age discrimination is a very real thing. Usually age discrimination is about the elderly, and making assumptions of deafness, lack of tech knowledge or senility.

But, this is my first time being on the receiving end of discrimination. As a middle class white girl, its not something that happens frequently. I've lived a privelaged life, and while being female isn't always the best chance for opportunity, never before has something so out of my control caused so much of a barrier to me. And I have the benefit of knowing that with time it will go away. That it is temporary. I can only imagine what it must be like for those who suffer this sort of discrimination all their lives. And who know that its not going to go away, that it will continue to affect every aspect of their work and personal life.

And, close to international women's day, I just want to say think about how you'd feel in their shoes before you discriminate. For anything. Nothing about a person is skin deep. And nothing can be judged from what you see on the outside.

Sunday, 2 March 2014


This here is a little post to mention the joy of the 4 millionth person joining Ravelry. I joined because I was new and didn't know what I wanted to knit and needed patterns. Some join because they want to meet people, and some need a place to keep track of what it is that they're knitting.

I realised today that the best thing about Ravelry is the Inforgraphics. Who doesn't love some nice graphs and pictures with statistics on the side? Personally, stats are pretty awesome.

On another note, I really dislike weaving in ends. Its ok if you've just got the one or two, but goodness do I regret doing stripes right now...