Thursday, 26 September 2013

The importance of long hair.

Despite the fact that I often knit my hair into jumpers and the like, I usually have no problem with having long hair scudding around. Today I found another use for it. When up in a bun, it makes a very useful cable needle storing area. I constantly lose CNs, and knitting on the train or couch makes it difficult to keep track. Solution, stick them in my hair!

Another awful phone picture of trellis, my camera is having a grump at me :( But, I've got a back and most of the left front. Moving quickly, its a really fun knit :) I do love cables :D

We've also got another lovely pic of oscar, wearing a devil's cap, from teewee wonders. His mummy thinks he looks like he's got an eggplant on his head.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Rainy Days

Its been pouring down with rain for a little while now, which has been doing my garden a great deal of good! Everything is in pots, because unfortunately we only have a very small area thats flat enough to put anything on.

 But, I have a plan for raised planters, which will be full of delicious vegies :) For a start, I've learned that carrots don't go well in pots. There's not enough depth for them to really grow sadly :(


And we've got some snowpeas coming up, but they're not likely to do super well, because they're really a winter vegetable and we'll likely get some very hot weather coming on soon. There's also a little marigold in the pot, because apparently that helps to keep slugs and snails away from my plants, because its a daily struggle to get rid of them all.

some broccoli on the left and jo choi on the right, both are doing wonderfully.

And my CBBK (Kudzu) shawl blocking away. It can't be modeled yet, because the recipient doesn't yet know they're going to get it, but as soon as Christmas happens we'll be photo galore!

And finally the second of the Hot Gams Legwarmers. They're coming along nicely, but they are taking awhile due to being a VERY repetitive pattern. I'm not made for sock knitting, I don't like doing the same thing twice. And these are so long, it just feels like a never ending battle of cables..

Friday, 20 September 2013


This is a quick message from my phone, to show 3 days of trellis (pattern available on knitting. Its in the 18month size, but with slightly small needles that suited the yarn better. Its a gift for Oscar, who is still only 5 months, so not likely to need it soon as we come upon an Australian summer. I did have to rip back twice because it was unlikely even to fit a newborn. I'm not a big cabler, having really only done the legwarmers before, but so far we're going well!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sewing Machine

Today I'd like to show you my sewing my machine. This is the one I've grown up on, I've always used it and its what I learnt to sew on. Recently I wondered how old it was, so I went on a google.

 After a long look, I found a number of people talking about their "vintage" singer sewing machines, and I discovered that the 328P dates from somewhere between 1957 and 67,  and was made in the Penrith factory in New South Wales, Australia.

Its a lovely little thing, we've only had it serviced once in 20 years, and that was for the tension knob. Its pottered along like a lovely little solid dear, and has always been lovely to sew on.

I recently started playing with all of the cams that it came with, which were misplaced when we recently moved house. These are them, all 5 with a different stitch on them. I'm more of a knitter than a sewer, but I am getting into quilting of late. And cams made that very exciting!

So, all of my cams with various stitch lengths or widths, and it shows a lot more stitches than I knew existed! My favourite is possibly the straight st with occasional zig-zags, making sewing quilt bindings on much much easier! There are a lot of fun sts that I can use for things, especially some nice decorative patterns :)

All in all, I've had a lot of fun with my sewing machine over the years, and I intend to keep using it for a long time to come! However, it was very fun while house sitting to have a play with what I think of as a fancy and excitingly new sewing machine, the Pfaff tipmatic 1035, which we think is from about 1985 :)

In knitting news, I've put CBBK out to block, cast on a Trellis cardigan for Oscar, and started the second of my sister's leg warmers. So much christmas knitting to do! I still need to start a pair of socks and a pair of gloves that I'm not sure how to do yet... Possibly just embroidered is the way to go?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Running a little late...

I've been running  around like a lunatic trying to do all of my uni work and such, so haven't had a super amount of knitting or sewing time, but I also haven't shared any of what I've been doing!

A little Puerperium Cardigan, not quite sure who for, but I felt like making the pattern :)

My skein of Cascade 220 in Jet
And wound into a nice little ball
I started the Kudzu Shawlette, or CBBK as I call it, as a christmas present for my Mum.

Which progressed very nicely and quickly, and I'd finished the first repeat of the leaves section. And then, I thought, this isn't long enough. So, I did another row of leaves. And another. And another.
 Eventually, I had 5 rows of leaves, and I thought it was enough. So, I started the cast off, skipping the lattice chart entirely.                     

I started with a sl1 k2tog psso, cast off single st. I then knitted the next leaf as per the pattern, turning at the purl sts. I then cast off the very last st. I'm repeating for the rest of the row, giving little points to the shawl. Its working well, but I JUST Needed a 3rd skein, so I'm regretting the decision to do that extra row of leaves.