Monday, 23 September 2013

Rainy Days

Its been pouring down with rain for a little while now, which has been doing my garden a great deal of good! Everything is in pots, because unfortunately we only have a very small area thats flat enough to put anything on.

 But, I have a plan for raised planters, which will be full of delicious vegies :) For a start, I've learned that carrots don't go well in pots. There's not enough depth for them to really grow sadly :(


And we've got some snowpeas coming up, but they're not likely to do super well, because they're really a winter vegetable and we'll likely get some very hot weather coming on soon. There's also a little marigold in the pot, because apparently that helps to keep slugs and snails away from my plants, because its a daily struggle to get rid of them all.

some broccoli on the left and jo choi on the right, both are doing wonderfully.

And my CBBK (Kudzu) shawl blocking away. It can't be modeled yet, because the recipient doesn't yet know they're going to get it, but as soon as Christmas happens we'll be photo galore!

And finally the second of the Hot Gams Legwarmers. They're coming along nicely, but they are taking awhile due to being a VERY repetitive pattern. I'm not made for sock knitting, I don't like doing the same thing twice. And these are so long, it just feels like a never ending battle of cables..

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