Thursday, 26 September 2013

The importance of long hair.

Despite the fact that I often knit my hair into jumpers and the like, I usually have no problem with having long hair scudding around. Today I found another use for it. When up in a bun, it makes a very useful cable needle storing area. I constantly lose CNs, and knitting on the train or couch makes it difficult to keep track. Solution, stick them in my hair!

Another awful phone picture of trellis, my camera is having a grump at me :( But, I've got a back and most of the left front. Moving quickly, its a really fun knit :) I do love cables :D

We've also got another lovely pic of oscar, wearing a devil's cap, from teewee wonders. His mummy thinks he looks like he's got an eggplant on his head.

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