Friday, 13 September 2013

Running a little late...

I've been running  around like a lunatic trying to do all of my uni work and such, so haven't had a super amount of knitting or sewing time, but I also haven't shared any of what I've been doing!

A little Puerperium Cardigan, not quite sure who for, but I felt like making the pattern :)

My skein of Cascade 220 in Jet
And wound into a nice little ball
I started the Kudzu Shawlette, or CBBK as I call it, as a christmas present for my Mum.

Which progressed very nicely and quickly, and I'd finished the first repeat of the leaves section. And then, I thought, this isn't long enough. So, I did another row of leaves. And another. And another.
 Eventually, I had 5 rows of leaves, and I thought it was enough. So, I started the cast off, skipping the lattice chart entirely.                     

I started with a sl1 k2tog psso, cast off single st. I then knitted the next leaf as per the pattern, turning at the purl sts. I then cast off the very last st. I'm repeating for the rest of the row, giving little points to the shawl. Its working well, but I JUST Needed a 3rd skein, so I'm regretting the decision to do that extra row of leaves.

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