Saturday, 22 October 2011

Project Update

So, there has been a severe lack of blog posts for awhile. I know, you're devestated... *cough* Anyway, we can blame that on the exams. More about that later...

Right now, the issue is that of a slight disapointment. I live in Australia. Which is a hot country. And is not America or Canada. This means, I do not get sock summit. I do not get Rhinebeck. I do not get Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee's book tour. And, I generally feel a bit left out, because teenagers generally don't knit. And if they do, they're not super social or good at it. Unfortunately. So, Once I have a degree, and I know someone somewhere in le americas, I'm moving country!

Hence, I've spent a large portion of today looking up ravelry groups in Perth. Its not going too well. But, with the change of my work hours, I should be able to start attending the bi-weekly snb sessions at uni :) So, that brings us to exams. Not very fun, I must say. Trying to revise the entire Human Structure and Function course is a little boring, after 3 weeks. There has been a lot of palmcard writing, a lot of note reading, a lot of running away to have dinners with friends. And a lot of hiding from it all behind a nice knitting project. I still have about 7 on the go simultaneously.

So, we will move on to photo time.

Adam :)

The adorable recipient of my layette, in lemon yellow. A sweet little boy, only a few days old here. Because everyone loves photos of babies!

Jumper for Clare Bear

Adventure in glove making

 So, the progress on my second jumper. I have a very close friend, who I've know my whole life. She requested a jumper (admittedly, I think she was hoping it would be done at least during winter..) But, its pottering along. I find it hard, because its a little too large to carry with me as I travel the city going to work etc. However, I will get there in the end!

Now, a considerably more depressing project. I am, sadly, suffering from second glove syndrome. But, its not for lack of trying. that charming pile of orange yarn was once a quarter of an arm warmer, but due to calculus being unable to help me count, I ended up being about 10 sts short, making it much more toddler sized, rather than Mara sized. I also gave myself a strain injury to my thumb, because, unfortunately, DPNs do not seem to like me :( But, we'll get it to work eventually.

Now, a fun post :) My first attempt at entrelac, which will hopefully join some other components to make a nice blanket for an anticipated baby. So far, I don't actually have any indications that there will be a baby, but I'll pressure my cousins into it somehow...

So, on that fun note, I shall bid you farewell, as I have a super fun and exciting diagram of a nerve synapse to draw :)

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