Friday, 1 March 2013

UK, Christmas, New Year, Melbourne

Lord its been busy busy busy. I've been in the UK, visiting family. Over the other side of the country in Melbourne, visiting family. And have had work, uni, christmas, and a million and one technology problems that mean my posts keep getting deleted *sigh*

So, hopefully we will get some things posted before another laptop failure.

My little corner of knitting in our hotel room

I may've done a bit of an oxfam shop tour...

Trees do get cold over there.

There was also a lot of exploring yarn shops

It was cold, wonderful, and full of family. Somewhere I will definately be going back to, but it will have to wait awhile. I'm too broke to afford anything at the moment, let alone overseas holidays!

We flew back on christmas day, at which point I fell asleep on a couch and only just managed wakefulness for dinner. After contracting some sort of horrible illness that caused pain and suffering through Oxford and the majority of London, I slept for a few days and was quite unwell, meaning that New Years Eve saw me sitting at home babysitting family while everyone else was drinking.

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