Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dearie me...

Well, Christmas was a disaster. I flew back from the UK on Christmas day, so was an absolute disaster for the next few days. I've been working steadily on a few projects, including an enormous jumper for a very close friend. She's about 6 feet tall, and it just seems to be all arm...

I've got a lot of crafty sewing projects coming up as well, so here's some more photos :)
A wonderful lady, Antonia, about to burst with baby, recipient of most of my summer knitting...

Titus, some of the softest pure wool I've ever felt, form Ramshambles in York. Its turning into a Fylleryd Shawl

3 lovely skeins of Cascade Heathers, which I'm not sure what its going to be yet!

Some bunting for work, going to be a nice sign telling people who we are :)

A cross-stitch announcement for above baby

My crowning glory, which is a biscuit quilt. I'm intending to post a nice tutorial later on, because I had a lot of issues finding a nice one online!

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