Monday, 12 November 2012

Quick Succession

Its been a busy week, I've cast on a few things for gifts (christmas is coming, afterall!) And I've been packing, because we're heading off to the UK in 2 weeks. eep! I need to do some catching up with photos, and explain the twilight sparkle some I think.

Well, an old friend of mine, who is now a renewed relationship, has a number of friends (~21 year old males) who are BIG fans of My little pony - Friendship is Magic. Kinda creepy, but each to their own I guess. When a birthday came around, this friend needed a dice bag for his weekly dungeons and dragons games. After a guage failure and a very, very small Dice bag of doom, I sewed a very plain and boring black one. This meant a realisation that I was crafty, and a discussion about the costs associated with buying online plushies (up to 250AUD). Hence, when the next birthday came, I said I'd make one for Ben. As such, I fished out an old book I had, Huggable Crochet, and tried a few of those patterns to see how my crochet skills were (I haven't croched since I was about 10, and I just couldn't face doing sooo many ponies with all that knitting, so a quick one was prefered). This produced:

Both of which have now gone to good homes, Byron on the left and Frankfurt on the right. There is a camera shy octopus, and a special present for a special lady as well. It was a good little book, gave me a chance to really practice reading crochet patterns and get used to a hook instead of needles again.. I picked it up for $20, and I've made 4 animals, failed at about 3, and have used a lot of what Lucas says to help with my new pony.

Speaking of, I changed my pattern slightly from last time, I crocheted 18 rnds straight, then reversed my increases, full body pattern here:

Rnd 1: Ch 4 and connect to form a loop. 10 hdc in centre of loop.

Rnd 2: Ch 2, 2 hdc in each st to end of rnd (20 sts)

Rnd 3: Ch 2, 2 hdc in every 2nd st to end of rnd

Rnd 4: Ch 2, 2 hdc in every 4th st to end of rnd

Rnd 5-22: Ch 2, 1 hdc in every st to end of rnd. Repeat 18 times. (36 sts)

Rnd 23: Ch 2, 4hdc, hdc 2tog* rep to end of rnd
    (I stuff around here)
Rnd 24: Ch 2, 3hdc, hdc 2tog* rep to end of rnd

Rnd 25: Ch 2, hdc 2tog to end of rnd. Run yarn through remaining sts, pulling tight.

Good luck!

And finially, awhile ago I started the Holden Shawlette, for my sister. Its now finished and blocked, with a Jenny Cloche done with my leftovers, which actually fits her head, which is a bit exciting :)

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