Monday, 19 November 2012

Stop the press

Everything kitterly happening here has been put on hold. There's a baby coming. My boss at Oxfam is 3 months pregnant, so I need to get knitting. Having only finished 25 hexipuffs, it may take some time for that particular project to get moving. Twilight sparkle has a body and a nose, but again may be sleeping for a little while. My family and I are however going to the UK for a month, meaning that there will be long flights, midnight stopovers, train rides and taxis and cold nights in a hotel room. Viz, lots of knitting time! I'll take some twilight with me, seeing as I'm likely to go insane after trying to use so much tiny tiny yarn to make tiny tiny clothes for a tiny tiny human. I'm starting with a boring basic raglan sweater, just to get me used to the tiny tiny again.

In other news, I feel I should mention to the world that I'm studying nursing. This means that I'm interested in medical interesting things, and I have to say that necrotic pressure ulcers are pretty awesomely amazing. A friend of mine is in America at the moment, and is alive and well after flying out of New York just before the storms hit. As well as very overly excited about the new babies. I may've gone completly insane from lack of sleep occuring during prac, but I think its not too bad, I've just gone insane with the christmas baking and cleaning. Also this may be due to a medication change. From Fluoxetine (Prozac) to Escitalopram (Lexapro). This means I may be a little bit manic... However, it will hopefully end well :)

There is one project (a surprise for someone who might be reading this blog) who is not yet shelved, however there are only ends to weave in. Hopefully there will be photos when I get to see this special person on Thursday.

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