Sunday, 11 November 2012


Sorry everybody! I've been a little flat out of late. I have finished my body, as you can see below.

Ignoring my mess behind that...

However, I've been having a lot of issues with the head. And while this was happening, pattern drafting was not.

Nothing tooo serious, just a little hospital excursion to work out my medication and fainting episodes.
THIS was.

As you can probably tell, that is an IV line in my arm, injecting iron. I've had a lot of medication changes and the stress of trying to work part time, do prac placements for 2 week lots that are all assessed and do assignments, catch up with friends, clean and cook and organise, my knitting has been falling slightly by the wayside. In response, I started a ferocious knitting job on my hexipuffs for The beekeepers quilt. Its a fun adventure, the quilt is fun to knit because you don't suffer the horror of never ending knitting and you also get an exciting chance to think about what colours go best together while you make them :) I've got about 20 so far, and wanted about 400, so it will be awhile until it starts to look like a quilt...

I've been doing some sewing as well, after my sister recently get an overlocker, our lives in the sewing world have improved so much!

Witches! in ORANGE!!
This magnificent fabric was $3 a metre, preparing for Halloween. So naturally I bought 4 metres and am going to make a rockabilly dress!! I'm using the Katjusha pattern from Burda, and after a quick redraft for girls with a bust, its looking ready to start! :)

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