Friday, 29 July 2011

Harry Potter Charts

So. after a friend is getting home sick because she moved away for uni, I decided to cross stitch her a Harry Potter pillow. So far, I'm struggling to find a nice chart to work with. If anyone has any ideas, it would be much appreciated. So far, my attempts to work out how to use photoshop are failing. Me thinks I'll blackmail some design students into helping me :) I found quite a nice site, ( But, I'm not so happy with the Snape one they have there. Although I am a fan of You know who, so may do that one when I get a chance. The iPod case isn't going so well, because Mara didn't do a tension square, and then couldn't be bothered finding needles more likely to be the right size. This is maybe a reason why cleaning my room would be a good plan...

I'm rather excited, because I get to hug rape the dickhead I'm going out with tomorrow (he's been in Fiji all month) However, I'm also freaking out slightly about the fact that I'm going to have to start writing an essay soon, which is very un-me. Numbers make so much more sense!!!!!

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