Wednesday, 13 July 2011

knit knit knit knit knit

Well, this is all a bit new. Mostly an attempt to keep track of my work, because I keep doing silly things and forgetting what I'm working on at any one time (I end up with about 12 orders from friends at a time, especially during winter)

At present I'm doing a cute little vest for my first cousin once removed :) Six months old and a very smiley baby, he's HUGE! So, my original plan was unsuccesful. However, I shall persevere, because it means I get to try doing a neckband & embroidering an elephant :) And, elephants are cool! Its a good little pattern, and doesn't involve too much shaping, which is very handy for someone who's only really managed a few squares so far. However, I will eventually finish my blanket, which I started a few years ago. However, Its highly likely that it will be crotcheted, rather than knitted.

This month is also rather exciting, because it happens to be the start of uni! Very exciting, I know. So, as of Monday, I highly doubt that I'll get much knitting done, as I'll be too busy memorising the names of long bones in the leg, and learning how to take care of very sick people :)

I also had a hugely wonderful time last night at Harry Potter, but I shan't post any spoilers (but I think the internet is full of them anyway) YAY HARRY POTTER!!!!!

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