Saturday, 16 July 2011

Baby stuff

So, after surviving a robbery at work, having a freak out after watching CSI, and then sleeping very badly, I'm a bit out of it.. But, I've been doing ok on the baby vest. We have a front and a back. So far, its all going pretty well. However, I've got no idea how to do the neckband... So, we'll just struggle there me thinks. I may try some booties to go with it, if I get a chance/have left over wool :)

On another note, I'm starting uni on Monday, which is a little bit terrifying. All my textbooks weigh more than I do, which is saying something. However, I don't have many classes on Monday, so should survive the carting so much stuff around. I've also been approved for extra time, which is fun. And I've started doing a bunch of my nursing modules. Some of them look pretty easy & a bit boring, others are a bit more complex. Interestingly, I'm much more worried about the units that involve talking to people, and the patient care stuff to make sure I don't insult people horribly.

I'm also rather worried, because I need to buy a uniform before I can do labs, but I can't get one for another few weeks :/ Hopefully, I won't be told that I'm not allowed to do stuff. I also need to do wayy too many forms for my clinical placement.

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