Sunday, 24 July 2011


So, I found this amazing pattern for a knitted iPod cover. I think I'm in love! I have a second generation Nano, so I'll have to adjust it somewhat (the original pattern is for a fourth generation classic). But, hopefully it will be amazing! I've had a few issues with dropping my baby, and I had a really nice plastic cover from Japan. It had an elephant on it. But, most unfortunately, it broke :( So, something else shall have to provide a safe little haven for the home of my Harry Potter audiobooks. Read by Stephen Fry, no less! I'm thinking if I get the chance (and time, after finishing all the other projects I've been commisioned to do!) I'll make an attemp at adjusting it for my phone as well. He's suffered more, due to a distinct like of leaping out of my pocket. So, if any of my huge number of readers know where to get a good, usable case for a nokia E71, I am all ears!! And I have realised that Its a little sad, writing a blog that nobody reads. It will happen someday, dear reader. Someone in the interwebs will discover me!!!

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