Monday, 8 August 2011


So, all of Mara's other projects have been put on hold. A baby is in dire need of a hat! I found this adorable pattern for a pixie hat, but it involves a rather complicated cable. So, enlisting the help of my Nanna seems like the appropriate course of action :) Until my darling father can find me some software online, I'm taking a hiatus on the snape cushion. I really wasn't happy with the charts I'd found, so I'm making my own. GASP! So far, its not going well. And, I've lost my carefully adjusted pattern for an ipod case :(

However, there was a 40% off sale at spotlight, and I'm now drowning in yarn! Its amazing! So, I have a request for a jumper from one of my best friends, which I will one day finish. I'm making myself a hat, which is wonderfully synthetic (but verigated!) And I'm bored out of my brain trying to learn a lot of stuff about referencing, which I already know. So, nap time! Also, I totally found my camera cord! Photos of stuff will appear shortly :)

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