Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Stupid University

So, most unfortunately, I've been doing assignments all week, and so haven't had the chance to knit (Oh noes!!) But, I finially have a chance to work out how to do this silly cable, which I must admit has completely stumped me. Turns out, repeatedly doing the same thing over and over won't teach you how to do something. However, it will make your essay look bigger :)

Its also rather exciting, because I finally get the chance to start learning how to actually take care of people, not just how to talk to them and not be mean. I've started on a baby jumper (yes, I'm doing about 12 projects at once) For Baby Sinclair, because apparently when I was told it was going to be a girl, they were guessing, and don't want to dress their child in pink if it is a boy. So, yellow it is. I now have a hat that I need to do SOMETHING with, a half finished yellow pixie hat, and a bunch of navy wool. HOORAY!

A rather more fun note is the beret I'm making for mineself. I've got some 100% acrylic cheap verigated yarn in blue, with another ball in pink. Some brightly coloured Mara clothes shall ensue!! Its the fun one, because I knit it during classes, and its all stocking stitch in the round, making my life rather easy. I did say I'd found my camera cord, but then I realised I couldn't be bothered! Eventually I'll put some effort in, but right now you just get to listen to me ramble :)

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