Sunday, 4 September 2011


So, I've finished 4 projects in 3 days \m/ SO PROUD! That means, a teacher will no longer have cold hands while he works, a baby in the tropics will have a warm head, an iPod will be snuggly warm in an Australian summer, and I won't have to knit myself a beanie while wearing a shop bought one :) hooray!
Beatles in the background, and my little teddy modelling a yellow pixie hat :)
The gloves are harder to model, as they're wayyy too big for me :s But, I will get him to be photographed :)

My beanie, in verigated 100% acrylic, which I am very happy with,
As modeled by John, my oldest teddy

With a ribbon for overdose awareness, and a doll made by HIV +ve women in South Africa
Also the iPod case, in orange (ooh, orange!) Which will be modeled by the iPod it was made for, which I haven't actually met yet...

So, photo time is over, and back to making a jumper to procrastinate from writing about the state of coffee farmers lives in Nicaragua. hooray!

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