Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hello My loves!!!

So, its been awhile... Unfortunately what with uni and work and a few relationship catastrophes and a friend being in hospital, the blog has somewhat fallen by the wayside... I'm sorry to say that I was also a little scared to come back, it was so long after awhile, and then it just got longer and longer... So, as an apology, I send you a picture montage of my life in of late...
A teeny weeny blanket for a little girl, because he teddy was getting cold at night, and so clearly had to get her blanket... Its a very basic design, just basket weave with coloured rows, but it makes it interesting and used up a bit of the stash :)

The start of a shawl for my sister. I used the Holden Shawlette pattern, which was a nice started and suited the yarn quite well :)

These are some very sweet crocheted snowflakes. I made them to put on top of all of the Christmas brownies, just for something a little extra. I also put on each in all of the special cards :)

The brownies themselves, mostly all gone... With about 2 blocks of dark chocolate in them these brownies were like heaven, in a very heart attack inducing way... There were brownies and peppermint bark and caramels, and it was an amazing time to be living alone...

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